Travel insurance warning: Never do this – you won’t be covered and risk ruined holiday

Holidays require careful preparation and packing. Boarding passes, keys and wallet are among key items to take. A passport is arguably the most important thing to take of all when going abroad. However, an alarmingly high number of Britons forget this vital document every year. A study from Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance revealed that 1.4 million holidaymakers have forgotten their crucial travel documents before leaving the UK.

A huge problem with forgetting your passport is that travel insurance policies will not cover such negligence.

Consequently, you could see your trip away ruined and money lost as a result.

The Sainsbury’s study showed Britons admit they are more likely to check their holiday destination weather than their passport the week before they travel (64 per cent vs 52 per cent).

The bank is urging holidaymakers to check they have their passport before leaving home as part of their travel advice.

Karen Hogg, Head of Insurance at Sainsbury’s Bank, said: “Holidays should mean a break from the stress of everyday life.

“Making sure you have all of your travel documents in place, and with you when you leave the house is as important as having good quality travel insurance in place.

“It’s worth noting that insurers are unlikely to cover you if you’ve left your passport at home.

“With recent issues such as flight disruption at airports and adverse weather conditions in parts of Europe, you may want to ensure that your travel insurance policy provides disruption cover, particularly if you have connecting flights.”

Research showed students are guilty of leaving planning to the last minute and are most likely to miss flights and leave their travel documents behind (10 per cent).

Families typically make it to their destination stress-free but are more likely to leave valuables such as medicine and jewellery at home (8 per cent).

Sainsbury’s Bank shared their tip for locating your passport ahead of a trip.

“It’s easy to put your passport in a ‘safe place’ and forget where it is. Don’t get caught and check your passport before you pack your suitcase,” said the bank.

States and you will need to have at least six months remaining on your passport for many countries. If your passport is damaged you may also be refused travel.”

A further 2.7 million people have seen dream trips turn to disaster by missing flights at the start of their holiday.

With the study finding 2.3 million people also go away without travel insurance, holidaymakers need to spend time planning ahead to ensure their getaways get off to a flying start.

Holiday hazards lead to people feeling stressed and upset and one in 10 admitted they felt like they had ruined their holiday.

Holidaymakers should also make sure their travel insurance policy includes this one key phrase. 


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