Top French chef demands removal from ‘incompetent’ Michelin guide after it wrongly said he put cheddar in soufflé

A French chef some consider the finest in the world has demanded Michelin remove him from its fabled guide book for “wrongly” accusing him of adding British cheddar cheese to a traditional soufflé.

Marc Veyrat, 69, the toast of the French culinary world, last year gained the ultimate three Michelin stars for his restaurant, La Maison du Bois, a wooden chalet 6,000 feet up in the French Alps near the Swiss border.

But the legendary little red food guide, whose reviews can make or break chefs, docked him a star in January.

In a furious letter sent to the guide, the cook known for his trademark black hat, accused Michelin of “deep incompetence” in assessing his culinary creations.

“They dared say that we put cheddar in our soufflé of roblochon, beaufort and tomme (cheeses),” he exclaimed.

Casting allegations that he had added the British cheese to such a quintessentially French dish was, he wrote, beyond the pale for a cook who has made his name using only local produce.

“They have insulted my region, my staff are furious!,” he said. The reality, he added, was that “we get our eggs from our chickens, we milk our own cows and have two botanists pick our plants every morning!”


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