Shoppers are going wild for a cheeky shell cup bikini top that makes you look like a mermaid

FASHION forward social media users are going wild for a designer bikini top that makes it’s wearers look like The Little Mermaid.

The nautical look is part of the summer collection by Adriana Degreas, famous for her unique swimwear designs, including a bikini top that resembles a pair of hands.

The Nautilus bikini, designed by Adriana Degreas, looks like it’s straight from under the sea

Featuring silver and pink cups in the shape of a sea shell, the Nautilus bikini has proven to be a hit on Instagram, as snaps rack up thousands of likes.

And with influencers including Portuguese fitness model Camila Guper sporting the look, there’s no surprise it’s already got it’s own cult following.

Last week, the online star posed in the bikini top, pairing it with silver bottoms and layered necklaces while soaking up the sun in Mykonos, Greece.

Thanks to it’s shell design, online shoppers are keen to get their hands on the one-of-a-kind style based off the conch shell bra worn by mermaid Ariel.

The bikini makes it’s wearers resemble The Little Mermaid
Portuguese fitness model Camila Guper received thousands of likes in the look

“This bikini is absolute perfection,” one woman wrote in response to Adriana Degreas sharing the design online. “I want to get my hands on one, if that’s even possible.”

While another added: “This is the swimwear look of the summer. I need this.”

A third agreed: “Simply divine. This look is so elegant and gorgeous just like real nautilus sea shells.”

Others were disappointed to find out the bikini was not currently available to buy online, as they flocked to Adriana’s website to get it in their basket.

The sea-shell design is part of the latest collection by Adriana

One said: “I will wait until this becomes available to buy. I am absolutely obsessed with it.”

But with most of her designs clocking up to hundreds of pounds per piece, these fans will have to keep saving up until it’s released to the public.

In other news, Matalan’s new matching mum and daughter swimwear is a must-have for this summer.



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