Sex with my one night stand was great but she’s pregnant and I’m worried I’m the dad

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD the best sex ever after meeting a gorgeous woman on a night out. Unfortunately the condom split and I have since heard from mates that she is pregnant.

I am worried her baby could be mine, even though she has a ­reputation for sleeping around. I am a guy of 19 and a gang of us had gone out celebrating my mate’s 18th birthday.

We went on to have the best sex I have ever experienced
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We had gone to a couple of bars then a club. I’d had plenty to drink by the time I met this really sexy girl. She is 26 and very attractive, with long hair and a great figure.

We were both out for the same thing — a really good night. We danced, flirted and chatted with each other and found we had lots in common, even supporting the same football team. At the end of the evening she invited me back to her flat in the centre of town.

We walked back and, as soon as we were through her front door, we were kissing passionately. We undressed one another and she led me to her bedroom. We went on to have the best sex I had ever had. But then disaster struck when I realised the condom had split.

She tried to reassure me that everything would be OK and I tried to believe her. In the morning we said rather awkward goodbyes because it was obvious we wouldn’t be seeing each other again. But now I’ve heard through some of my mates that she is pregnant.

My mates have told me she’s pregnant and I’m worried I’m the father
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I am so worried that I might be the father. I plan to go to university this autumn and a baby is the last thing I need. My parents would kill me if they knew about this, so I can’t say a word to them.

I know this girl has a bit of a reputation for sleeping around so there are a few guys who could be the father. I’m in such a panic. What should I do?

DEIDRE SAYS: This girl has not been in contact telling you the baby is yours so she may well know it is somebody else’s – or at least may not believe it is yours.

It’s early days but she’s probably worrying herself silly about how to handle this pregnancy. I doubt she will see you as partner/father material but, if she does approach you, tell her you can’t see you two working as a couple.

DNA tests aren’t usually performed until after the baby is born, so little can be determined until then.

If you are the father, you will have to support the baby financially – and preferably emotionally. It’s not the baby’s fault and every child deserves loving, involved parents.

You’ve had a wake-up call. I know you were caught out by a split condom but is casual sex really worth the risk?

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