Rochelle Humes collapses into dead-eyed trance on This Morning but fans brand it a FIX

VIEWERS were left stunned today when Rochelle Humes collapsed into a dead-eyed trance live on the This Morning sofa.

The 30-year-old host, who was standing in for Holly Willoughby, was taking part in a mind-reading display on the show – though many reckoned it was faked.

Rochelle tumbled into an eerie trance
She slumped forward on the sofa

Shocked fans saw Rochelle go cross eyed before her eyes closed and she fell under mentalist Colin Cloud’s spell.

She then had a song chosen by co-host Phillip Schofield – Michael Jackson’s Thriller – ‘transmitted’ into her brain.

When she came round, not only did she claim to have the track playing in her head, but the song title was on Colin’s partner Chloe Louise Crawford’s arm too.

Colin told Rochelle: “The connection you have with Phillip is stronger either than the one he has with Holly.”

Phillip looked concerned by what was going on
Rochelle has a song ‘beamed’ into her brain

He later put Rochelle under his control, holding her hand in front of her face and talking rapidly.

The magician said: “Look at your hand, look at the lines on your hand, notice your hand starts to move towards your face, your eyes begin to change focus, take a deep breath in and just close your eyes and sleep until you are unconsciousness.

He told viewers: “I’m not hypnotising her but I am putting her into a state of heightened concentration.”

As a worried Phillip looked on, he made her put her fingers into her ears, before she came round and revealed she’d been hearing Thriller.

Phillip was sending the song Thriller by Michael Jackson
The former Saturdays star was shaken
Mind-reading couple Colin and Chloe were on the show today

His mouth dropped opened: “What the actual hell” while Rochelle said: “I’m so freaked out. It was like I had myh headphones in.”

Many viewers were reeling at the stunt, with one writing: “WHAAAAT #thismorning that is crazy.”

However, others were not so easily convinced, writing: “This is so fake, Rochelle can’t act for toffee.”

Another joked: “I’m thinking…. thinking… thinking… this is fake!”

Phil looked aghast by the mind-reading trick
Chloe burnt the paper and rubbed it on her arm
You could make out the word ‘Thriller’ in ashes


Other whined: “What a load of scripted c**p” while some thought Phillip’s over-the-top reactions didn’t ring true.

A fan tweeted: “Phil needs to practise his shocked face a bit more.”

However, one pointed out: “Why are people s**tting all over this saying it’s fake? Of COURSE it is. But it’s entertainment for f**k sake.”


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