Police blasted for cordoning off flip flop in ‘light hearted banter’ attempt to track down driver who failed to stop

COPS were under fire today after joking around on Twitter about cordoning off the flip-flop of a man who failed to stop and “legged it” –  instead of actually catching the criminal.

Officers from Derbyshire Police claimed to be engaging in “light-hearted banter” when they tweeted pictures of a cordoned-off flip-flop instead of catching the alleged criminal involved, who ran free in the early hours of Monday morning.

The police unit in Derbyshire cordoned off the driver’s flip flop as he fled the scene in the early hours of Monday morning
PA:Press Association

After the Ford Fiesta driver failed to stop for police in Clay Cross, Derbyshire, the force’s armed policing unit said the driver then “legged it.”

However, the driver apparently lost one of his Adidas sliders and left it behind at the scene.

The Derbyshire police officers surrounded the slider shoe with four cones and police tape after the suspect fled the scene.

What’s it say for our police service if a bloke wearing one flip-flop can out-run them

@Brian79370028 via Twitter

Despite the armed response unit’s “best efforts,” the driver fled the scene leaving some of his vital belongings behind, cops said.

The police force reported that as well as leaving the flip flop behind, the suspect had left his ID and mobile phone in the car.

As part of some “light-hearted banter” between the two Derbyshire police Twitter accounts, the cops on the scene cordoned off the slider and took pictures of it.

In the initial tweet, Derbyshire armed response unit sarcastically thanked the roads policing unit for their “assistance” – sectioning-off the slider.

Derbyshire roads policing unit responded to the tweet with a close-up picture of the flip flop and poked fun at their colleagues, saying: “proper collision scene management is not to be sniffed at.

“And they’re called sliders now…fuddy duddies.”


While it’s not uncommon for police officers to crack jokes on social media, they are coming under more scrutiny for it.

One Twitter user criticised the police, saying: “What’s it say for our police service if a bloke wearing one flip-flop can out-run them.”

Another user bashed Derbyshire police’s twitter “banter” and said: “If only they are this concerned when people’s homes get burgled or when sex offenders attack people.

“I am not sure how priority is given to criminal activities.  I guess it just depends on who is investigating, if they are feeling tired, overworked, properly trained etc.”

One user flippantly commented: “And people say the police are a joke.”

Adding to the criticisms, another tweet urged the need to have “proper height and weight requirements for police officers” if they weren’t able to catch a man with just one shoe on.

Derbyshire Constabulary told The Sun Online: “The cordoning off of the slider was intended as a joke between two of our police accounts.

“The officers on those accounts regularly engage in a bit of light-hearted banter with each other, which we feel is plainly evident from these tweets in particular.”

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