Obese monkey Uncle Fatty who became a star after being sent to fat camp is missing and feared dead after ‘falling off the wagon’

AN OBESE monkey dubbed “Uncle Fatty” is missing feared dead after not being seen for five months.

The long-tailed macaque, who ballooned to the size of two monkeys, was sent to a weight-loss camp in 2017 – but went back to his old ways once home in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Uncle Fatty fell off the wagon once home where temptation for high calorie snacks from tourists was hard to avoid[/caption]

Uncle Fatty piled on the weight over his many years after being fed high calorie food by tourists visiting Khun Kala Monument.

As the leader of his pack, he would also often commandeer snacks from other monkeys.

Environmentalists monitoring his progress after weight loss camp say the last time he was seen alive was on February 26.

Locals asked the police to check the CCTV footage but still have been unable to find his body – it is now feared that Uncle Fatty has either become lost, relocated to a new area or even been killed.

The chunky monkey’s body has not been found however, with local legend saying that the forest ”reclaims” bodies of the monkeys after they die.

Kavinaphat Mongkoltechachat, the president of the We Love Monkey Club, said: “Our staff always saw him sitting in front of the monument every time they came to feed the pack. But one day, he was just gone.

“We thought that he was just sick and might have gone into a deep forest to heal himself. We decided to search there the following week but still couldn’t find him.”

The concerned monkey lover shared the story of Uncle Fatty’s disappearance to many monkey specialists, who all presumed that the twenty-year-old monkey was already dead.

He added: “They told me that when monkeys know that they’re very weak, they will isolate themselves and won’t let any other monkeys or anyone see them dying.

“He might have died of old age because Uncle Fatty has already lived beyond the age average.

“He also looked exhausted and didn’t want to eat much.

“We’ll keep searching for him because we’re still worried about him.

“It might be sad if we discover that he really is dead but it’s better than not knowing anything at all.”

Close to his disappearance, Uncle Fatty had lost his appetite sparking fears that he may have isolated himself to prepare for his death
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Pictured here snacking on sweetcorn, Uncle Fatty preferred high calorie snack foods supplied by tourists
Viral Press
Although he is sorely missed, Uncle Fatty lived a full life far beyond his expected life span
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Pictured here in happier times, Uncle Fatty and some of his thinner friends
Viral Press

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