Meghan Markle wears £12,000 earrings for christening – but how much is her Cartier range?

This year, The Sun reported how Meghan’s entire jewellery collection amounted to £1million.

This included a pair of stunning Cartier diamond earrings, made in 18ct white gold and set with around 19 round diamonds and 10 rectangular stones, which cost £60,000.

She also wore a £241,000 Cartier bracelet for her wedding to Prince Charles’ son in 2018, with the stunning, chunky design perfectly complementing her delicate bridal dress.

The mum of one also owns a £17,700 Cartier Essential Lines bracelet, made from 18ct white gold and set with 61 diamonds.

This alone amounts to £319,000 in Cartier jewels.

Archie’s mother likely has more dazzling pieces in her collection which she has not yet worn in public.

Meanwhile, after updating her engagement ring given to her by Prince Harry, it is believed Meghan could start a new trend.

She had been criticised for swapping the plain yellow gold band for a thinner diamond-studded micropave band, with royal expert Ingrid Seward saying it was “odd” to alter a “piece of history”.

Close-up photos also showed a third ring on her wedding finger – believed to be a “push present” from Harry.

Yesterday, reported how Meghan has not spoken out about her own religion publicly as her son was baptised.

The son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury in a private ceremony, conducted in the the private chapel at Windsor Castle.

Close family and friends attended but, in a widely-criticised move, the christening was held privately at the decision of Archie’s parents.

Archie’s baptism follows a similar service for Meghan, who was baptised prior to her wedding with Prince Harry in 2018.

Meghan, who was raised in America, was born to Protestant Christian parents who raised their daughter in the religion.

However, she went to a Catholic school, Immaculate Heart High School.

However, to marry into the Royal Family it was required that the actress be baptised and confirmed as a member of the Church of England.

The Queen is the head of the church and is required to uphold the faith.

There are strict rules about religion when it comes to the line of succession and Roman Catholics are specifically excluded from succession to the throne.


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