Love Island’s Ovie rages at Anna over on-off romance with Jordan before telling him: ‘Go get your missus bro’

OVIE confronts Anna in tonight’s Love Island over her on-off romance with Jordan.

The pharmacist, 28, has been left torn between the basketball player, 28, and Jordan, 24.

Anna will confront Ovie in tonight’s Love Island

It comes after Anna goes on a date with Jordan and she realises she has strong feelings towards him.

Ovie says to Anna “I really do like you.”

Anna replies “I do want to give this a chance and I am a slow burner.

“I like you from what I have seen. But you’re pushing me away, whereas Jordan is doing the complete opposite.”

It comes after she shares a kiss with Jordan

Anna has also overheard Ovie telling Amber that he may be interested in pursuing a romantic onnection with Joanna.

She relays this to Ovie and says “This vibe I’m getting isn’t good.”

Ovie says “I do feel like you’re not clear on what you want.”

Anna says “And Joanna is?”

Anna has fallen back in love with Jordan
Ovie declares he fancies Joanna – and Anna overheard

Ovie says “That’s the vibe I got.”

The pair continue to disagree with each other.

Ovie eventually leaves the day beds and says “The conversation is done. Yo, Jordan, go get your missus bro!”

Shortly after, Anna heads to the terrace for a chat with Jordan.

Jordan looks like he’s about to get his girl

Jordan asks Anna “Do you know what you want?”

Anna says “I do know what I want now.”

The pair then share a kiss – leaving Ovie free to turn his attention towards Joanna.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2.


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