Flights: Passengers horrified by man’s ‘selfish’ move at the airport – what do you think?

Flights which are delayed or require lengthy layovers can be both boring and fatiguing. Hours whiled away at the airport see passengers resorting to all sorts of activities in a bid to kill time and get comfortable. However, travellers are often criticised if they display poor etiquette at such times. One man being lambasted was spotted sleeping at an airport – but was taking up three chairs as he kipped.

A photo of the weary flier was shared by Instagram account passengershaming. 

He is lying on his back across three chairs in an airport lounge. His head is resting on a large fluffy toy and his legs lie across his bags.

Other suitcases can be seen next to the seats. What’s more, the passenger has taken off his sandals as he snoozes.

The lounge area looks relatively busy with the majority of the seats visible in the image taken up by other fliers.

Instagram users have been divided over their opinions on the man’s actions.

Some have harsh words to say about his selfishness while others point out he could be saving the seats or be ill.

“Are people raised with a 100 per cent sense of entitlement? Is there no humility? …no thought for others? The ‘I got mine you didn’t get yours’ attitude in full effect here (sic),” one person posted.

“Greedy, disrespectful and overly ENTITLED youth,” another wrote while a third said: “How many seats does he need?”

Some people felt very strongly indeed. “Everyone saying something to the extent of ‘he’s tired so it’s ok/I’ve done this when I was really tired, and because *I* was tired it’s ok’ don’t even realise how selfish that viewpoint is,” one Instagram user commented.

“Consider that it’s likely that the other people standing around because they can’t get a seat so that you can nap are also tired and would just like a place to sit down. Your bags also do not need their own seat!!!”

Others were keen to defend the man: “Who cares?! He’s tired! Let him nap! I wouldn’t do this because I’m sure I would be travelling with my kids, & I’m not gonna fall asleep with them at an airport.

“Also, I wouldn’t do this alone cause I don’t trust humans, but I don’t care if someone needs a damn nap. The problem with the world is not that someone gets tired and stretches his feet at the airport to recharge.

“The problem with the world is that sympathy and humanity have taken a backseat to b****ing and moaning about petty things.

Another added: “This is only rude if people have to stand and there are no seats available for others, otherwise let them rest who knows what’s happening in that moment on their life.”

However, certain Instagram followers had other burning questions. “I just wanna know where there are seats without armrests…” one person posted.

Another image which saw social media users riled up was that of a child behaving very badly on a plane – but was not stopped by her parents. 


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