Emmerdale’s traumatised Lydia Hart stole another woman’s identity after she was forced to bury her own baby, reveals actress Karen Blick

EMMERDALE’S Lydia Hart stole another woman’s identity after she was forced to bury her own baby.

The character, played by Karen Blick, handed herself into the police last week after the bones of a baby were found and the hunt was on for someone called Jenny Finn, who was 16 at the time of the baby’s birth.

Emmerdale’s Lydia Hart – played by Karen Blick – buried her baby when she was 16

She admitted she was in fact Jenny and now Karen has revealed the lengths her character went to to keep her past a secret, which included taking someone else’s identity.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Karen revealed:  “She took somebody’s identity, the circumstances of which will come out, the whys and wherefores of that.

“She assumed another identity. Lydia Hart was another person, and she assumed that identity and lived as Lydia.”

Discussing the moment she confesses, Karen said: “She steels herself, she’s ready to leave the village, go, confess, be punished, because she feels that’s important because in Lydia’s eyes she’s done the worst possible thing in having this baby in secret and it died through absolutely no fault of Lydia’s.


Police were looking for a young girl called Jenny – who is actually Lydia
Karen has revealed the lengths her character went to
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“But this whole experience takes her back to being 15 and that time and that guilt and that shame that she felt.”

She went on to reveal that a big part of keeping it a secret was to protect the Dingles.

“She knows what losing Paddy and Chas have been through in losing baby Grace and she doesn’t see that her loss of her baby is the same as how Chas experienced that loss of Grace,” she revealed.

“Lydia feels that she did something bad and that was a tragedy for Chas. Even though the rational part of her brain can see what happened, on a subconscious level she thinks she’s a bad person.

Lydia will have to tell Sam the truth about who she is


“Punishment for Lydia is a massive thing. Confess, tell everything, it’s the whole idea that the truth will set you free – it’s so true for Lydia – but also not dragging the Dingles through the dirty with her.”

Lydia also has to tell her on/off partner Sam what happened too, which she finds very hard.

She said: “She speaks to Sam and she tells him I didn’t mean to lie to you and I didn’t want to lie to you, but somewhere along the line it stopped feeling like a lie and I think that was very much Lydia’s experience.

“If you tell yourself something hasn’t happened and you plough on, eventually you’re building yourself a house of cards there and that’s going to come crashing down. That’s what happens to Lydia. She has to go on a journey to accept her past and acknowledge it.

“And be able to move on from it. And that’s the question – will she be able to do that, will Sam be able to forgive her, what’s going to happen with their relationship? It could be too much and be the thing that pushes them apart.”


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