Disturbing moment horse crashes into garden fence after cruel thug tries to jump on her back in Kent housing estate

THIS is the sickening moment a horse crashes into a fence after a thug tries jumping on its back in a housing estate garden.

Footage shows the beer-bellied yob sending the young animal crumpling to the ground as it struggles to carry his large frame.

Sick footage shows a young horse crashing backwards after a thug tried riding it in Kent

A smiling woman can be seen trying to help the man on the horse as vile onlookers giggle in the background.

As the shirtless lout manages to get his leg over the horse, he says “I got it” before the animal topples backwards into a bush with a sickening thud.

Those in the background then collapse into fits of laughter before the footage cuts to a young girl riding the horse around the housing estate in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

A man filming can be heard praising her for “taming” the wild animal as she slowly trots through the residential area.

God knows what damage they’ve done to pony’s spine and legs

The Animal Team

Another part of the footage also shows a mob wrestling with the terrified horse in the garden as it rears up in fright.

Twitter account The Animal Team alerted the RSPCA to the shocking footage, saying: “Sickening abuse to terrified yearling by 5 x heavy drunk men jumping on its back and pony crashing over backwards.

“God knows what damage they’ve done to pony’s spine and legs.”

Kent Police have confirmed the horse has been seized and is “safe from harm” after being made aware of the footage showing it being “mistreated”.

The RSPCA said: “We are aware of this situation. Unfortunately we are unable to discuss complaints about specific people and what action may have been taken.

“We understand how frustrating that is for animals lovers but releasing information could prejudice a future prosecution or could lead to us being fined.

“We are so grateful to people who report suspected animal suffering to us and we would like reassure people we will always look into and, if necessary, investigate any complaints made to us about animal welfare.

“A lot of the time issues will be dealt with by advice and education and it is not always appropriate to publicise this information for legal reasons.”

The tubby thug can be seen scrambling on the horse’s back
The animal then slams into a fence with a sickening thud
The footage also shows a group of yobs yanking at the horse’s reigns


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