Brits don’t trust Boris OR Hunt to properly control immigration as Theresa May broke her promise to slash numbers

BRITS don’t trust Boris Johnson OR Jeremy Hunt to take back control of our borders and curb immigration, damning research reveals today.

Whoever makes it into No10 later this month will have a huge task on their hands to get Brexit delivered and rebuild a new immigration system, but most people don’t believe they will do it properly.

Brits don;t trust either of the leadership candidates on immigration

A new report from British Future reveals that Boris is distrusted by 49 per cent of those asks, and 41 per cent don’t trust Hunt.

But it’s not just them – no politician is trusted on one of the major issues which led to the Brexit vote back in 2019 – it says.

Everyone received a negative rating, including Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage too.

The problem stemmed from when Theresa May was home secretary and PM, the public think.

Just 18 per cent of the public think she did a good job managing immigration, and most want the new leader to take a fresh approach.

Mrs May promised repeatedly to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands but is nowhere near achieving it.

Back in February net migration was still up at 283,000, the ONS said.

65 per cent of Brits say they don’t think the country will meet the target in the next five years.

Boris has promised to shake-up Britain’s post-Brexit system with an Australian-style points system which takes into account the qualifications and background of anyone who wants to come here.

And he said last week that more immigrants need to learn English as there’s “too many parts of the UK” where it’s not the first language.

70 per cent of Leave voters agreed that the Government should replace the target with separate aims for different types of immigration – like skilled and unskilled workers.

Boris Johnson casting his vote for himself to become Tory leader today
Andrew Parsons
Jeremy Hunt out for his morning jog earlier this morning

Sunder Katwala, Director of British Future and co-author of the new report, said: “Whichever candidate makes it to Number 10, they will start with a major trust deficit on immigration, the legacy of Theresa May’s approach.

“People are fed up with the unkept promises and lack of accountability epitomised by the net migration target.”


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